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Current Recruitment: - 1 Tank (lvl 50) Contact Devastatork or Apho ingame for an invite or more information.
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social guild, serious raiding.
... and the best place to store your organs indefinately!

is a social, funloving guild with a small hint of crazy.

In the beginning we will purely be a social leveling guild while everyone is running around chasing rifts, escaping from invasions or waiting for their questgiver to spawn again. Once we have a steady group of people at max level, we will take a serious approach towards raiding (serious, not hardcore), while remaining social outside of raids.

We have no intention to chase for server or world firsts, but would like to progress steadily throughout the raidcontent and enjoy every bit of PVE content that Trion puts into the game.

So if you are interested in a guild that enjoys a good bit of crazy and fun, while still being able to do some proper raiding,.. or you are just not very attached to your organs and feel generous, feel free to whisper either Devastatork or Apho for an invite.

Currently recruiting:
- 1 Tank (lvl 50)
- 1 Mage (lvl 50 dps + Chloro)
- 1 Rogue (lvl 50 dps + Bard)
Guild News


AphophisV, May 26, 11 9:07 AM.
Due to limitations on the current website Vendetta has moved to a different guildwebsite which is a better reflection of what we stand for as a guild. This website will be taken down eventually, when all members and important information has been brought over to the new website.

If you wish to apply to the guild or keep track of our news, please make your way over to our new website, which can be found here:

Vendetta new lords of Foul Cascade

AphophisV, Mar 28, 11 5:27 AM.
After having been stopped by Ragnoth the Despoiler in Expert IT (5th boss), two nights in a row, we decided to have a look at Expert Foul Cascade instead. According to Devastatork, it should be easier. We went in there with Devastatork (Healer), Misanth (Dps), Agrona (dps/offhealer), Crystal (dps/offhealer) and Apho (Tank).

As we made our way through the bosses, it seemed that Deva was right in his assessment of the situation, we oneshotted all the bosses, untill we came to the 5th boss. It has an annoying ability that puts large exploding areas on the ground. We wiped once, and then we showed him his place in the world. After putting him down and looting his stoney corpse, the 6th and last boss spawned. Yay, another spiderboss (see 1st boss IT).

This encounter seemed to be one hell of a ride. Not only does it randomly impregnate a partymember (condoms didn't work, we tried), which creates an elite add. But she also puts spots on the ground that do a lot of damage, and the were always close to the boss so that means the tank has to keep moving and moving.. again. We wiped on our first try, due to me not being able to see these spots, so I was taking a lot of unnecesary damage.

We changed our setup a little for our next try, Misanth switched to healer, Agrona stayed on his bard, Crystal went from bard to full ranged dps spec. Devastatork remained on his healer spec and I obviously stayed on my tank spec. This payed off as after a lot... and a lot of running around for me we got her down and claimed our loot and achievement.

Here is a picture of our happy crew, proudly posing in front of the giant spider..

Vendetta's first look at Experts

AphophisV, Mar 27, 11 6:05 AM.
With enough people at level 50, we decided to have a look what experts might have to offer us. Trash was nowhere a problem, but the first boss did pose a big challenge. After a couple of wipes on Broodmother Venoxa, we finally managed to take her down. We proceeded to take down 3 more bosses (with a bit of luck on the 3 Kings) untill Ragnoth the Despoiler stopped us dead in our track.

As of this writing, we have been again into IT, with the same result, but no wipes on Broodmother Venoxa.

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